Themed Party Packages

With more than 20 pre design party themes, here you will find some ideas for your next celebration:
Alice in Wonderland, bridgerton ,  princess and fairies, unicorns & steampunk victorian
Please check them all and
if you don’t find the perfect theme, we will create it for you. 

A cup of tea, a friend so dear
Together we chase away the fear
The warmth that spreads through every vein
Reminds us that we’re not alone again
The steam that rises from the brew
Filled with aroma, sweet and true
A symphony of flavors blend
With every sip, our hearts extend
We talk of life, we talk of dreams
We laugh, we cry, or so it seems
A bond so pure, a bond so true
A friendship that will always brew
So here’s to you, my dear friend
May our cups never come
to an end
May the tea we share
bring us cheer
And keep our friendship ever dear.

floral clipart
The Tea Party Company attends Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee & Polk counties
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