Teddy Bear Theme party

IMAGINATION is all it takes to build  this beautiful themed
teddy bear tea party.
That and a sunny day in summer time. 
Just have your teddy bear invite all of his friends and family.  
Pick a nice spot out in the woods, grab a couple of your granny’s crochet blankets, bring out some teddy bear approved furniture, set up the table,
prepare some of the teddy’s favorite dishes  and
” voila”:
magic  will be created right in front of your eyes!

Care  Bear  Party Package

$18 per guest
(12 guest minimum)

teapot set teddy bear motif ( 1 x table )
teacup & saucer teddy bear motif ( 1 x guest )
dinner plate teddy bear motif
silverware set ( 3 pieces )
water goblet 
3 tiered food stand ( 1 x table)

Teddy Bear Props Package

Coming soon!!!

Teddy Bear Gallery

3 teddy bears having a tea party
3 teddy bears having a tea party
3 teddy bears having a tea party

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Teddy Bear Tea Party 
There’s gonna be a tea party
 this afternoon at three.
Two little sisters in fancy dresses seated under a maple tree.
Wearing wide brim hats trimmed in wide pink lace,
Their guest is their younger brother 
He already has cake on his face.
Three tiny china tea cups
a small pitcher of iced tea,
two little girls busy at play
and little brother makes three
One little girl is the hostess 
she keeps very busy,
pouring lots of tea
and passing cake
The tiny cups are never empty.
They each brought a stuffed toy
to share their cups of tea,
The little girls had teddy bears
The little boy choose a monkey
The children are having a great time
as they sip their cups of tea,
 In the wonderful world
of make_believetea
served this afternoon at three 
~Adine Cathe~

floral -design

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