Vintage~Retro Theme Party

This retro/vintage tea party will take you to a time  when it was imperative to look your best.
When there was time to write a love letter and where your manners, conversation and etiquette were a must!!!!
Our hats, gloves and feather boas will be dusted so you can wear them and have an exhilarated time with all your friends!
You will have lots of fun drinking tea in our vintage china collection and remembering the good old times!!

Hats,Feathers & Gloves Party Package

$22 per guest
(12 guests minimum)

( 1 x table )
lace/ eyelet overlay/ runner
( 1 x table )
mismatch vintage/retro teapot set
( 1 x table )
mismatch vintage/retro teacup & saucer
( 1 x guest )
tea pot warmer
( 1 x table )
centerpiece themed related
( 1 x table )
cake/food stands
( 1 x table )
dinner or salad plate vintage/retro design
( 1 x guest )
silverware set ( 3 pieces )
 ( 1 x guest )
 water vintage  goblet
 ( 1 x guest )
vintage hat
( 1 x guest )
satin gloves
( 1 x guest )
feather boa
( 1 x guest )

Vintage Retro Props Package

Coming soon!!!!

Vintage Retro Gallery

Some other tea party themes you may want to take a look:
ballerina, Alice in Wonderland, princess, teddy bear
we know….it’s so hard to decide!!!!!

With friends, a cup of tea is grand,
We sit and chat, and make a band,
We sip and laugh and share,
Our thoughts and feelings, so fair,
A friendship that will always withstand.
~ S.Ellis~

floral -design
The Tea Party Company attends Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee & Polk counties
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