Carousel Theme Party

Every time  I hear the familiar sound of a carousel, my mind brings me fond memories from my childhood.
Asking my dad to go again and again and again on the merry-go-round was a beautiful tradition for us and I am so glad the
Carousel Themed Party
is one of the most requested for the little ones!!

Merry Go Round Party Package

$22 per guest
(12 guest minimum)

floor length tablecloth,
satin overlay/runner,
mismatch teacup & saucer 
mismatch teapot set ,
mismatched lunch plate,
matching water goblet
silverware set
(choice of 2 pieces)
clear glass food stands (1 x 6 guest)

Carousel Props Package

Coming soon!

Carousel Gallery


Some other tea party themes you may want to take a look:
ballerina, Alice in Wonderland, princess, masquerade carnival….
we know….it’s so hard to decide!!!!!

I had a little tea party
this afternoon at three
it was very small
three guest in all
just I, myself  and me
myself ate all the sandwiches
while I drank up  the tea;
It was also I who eat the pie
and pass the cake to me
~Jessica Nelson North~

floral -design

The Tea Party Company attends Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee & Polk counties

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