Celebration of Life

To celebrate the wonderful life of your loved one, we created our
“Remembrance Ritual”.
A tribute completely dedicated to remember & honor that special person no longer with us!

The Remembrance Ritual

$19 per guest (12 guest minimum)

floor length tablecloth,
satin overlay/runner, 
mismatch teacup & saucer set butterflies motif,
mismatch tea set butterflies motif,
mismatched lunch plate butterflies motif,
matching water goblet,
centerpiece butterflies motif (1 x table),
silverware set (choice of 2 pieces)
food stand butterflies motif (1 x table)

Celebration of Life Gallery


A Long Cup of Tea Death is too negative for me
So I’ll be popping off
For a long cup of tea
Do splash out
On two bags in the pot
And for my god’s sake
Keep the water hot
Please pick the biggest mug
You can find
Because size really does matter
At this time
I’ll pass on the Lapsang
With that Souchong
And that stuff with bergamot
And stick with my favorite friend
You know the English blend Breakfast!
thanks for reminding me
There’s just time before I fail
To stand on ceremony
Two rashers of best smoked back
Should keep me smelling sweet
Up the smoke stack
So, mother, put the kettle on for me
It’s time, mother, for my long cup of tea
~ Michael Ashby~

floral -design
The Tea Party Company attends Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee & Polk counties
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