Alice in Wonderland Theme Party

Quintessential theme for a wonderful tea party,
here at
The Tea Party Company
we revere Alice and all around her wonderland.
Be ready to welcome the extravagant mad hatter,
the mean queen, the mischievous Cheshire cat,
sleepy dormouse or the always in a hurry white rabbit.
take a look at our wonderful party packages and awesome props

Wonderland Tea Party Package

$23 per guest
(12 guests minimum)

mix & match tableclothes
mix & match lace overlays
wonderland teacup & saucer
wonderland salad plate 
wonderland tea sets   
mismatch silverware (2 pieces)
glassware mismatch
colorcolorful cardboard food stands 1 x table
props (1)

Queen of Hearts Tea Party Package

$35 per guest
(12 guests minimum)

round tables  1 x 6 guest
black & white checkered pattern floor lenght tablecloth
moss runner
queen of hearts chair
gold chiavary Chairs
 white and gold tea cup & saucer
white and gold rim dinner and salad plates
white and gold tea set   
gold silverware (3 pieces)
gold round / square food stands 1 x table
props (2)
favor box

Mad Hatter Tea Party Package

$40 per guest
(15 guests minimum)

mad Hatter chair
Alice chair
Queen of hearts chair
White Rabbit chair
mismatch tea cup & saucer
specialty collection mismatch tea set
specialty collection mismatch dinner plate and salad plate
mismatch silverware set ( 3 pieces)
vintage color water goblet
cake/cupcake stand (1x table)
props (3)
favor box ( 1 each guest )

Alice in Wonderland Props Package

$80 choice of 5

white rabbits, clocks, flamingos, drink me bottles, mirrors, giant teapots,
giant teacups,  gramophones, direction signs, giant flowers, keys,
Alice falling, card soldiers, the caterpillar,  mushrooms and of course
the cat!!

Mad Hatter Props Package


12 x 8 boxwood hedge backdrop,Mad Hat chair, Gramophone, Table, hat rack with hats ( Mad Hatter style ) , & giant paper flowers.

Alice in Wonderland Gallery

Some other tea party themes you may want to take a look:
The nutcracker, ballerina, princesses, steampunk Victorian, 
romantic pearls, lace and roses!
we know….it’s so hard to decide!!!!!

floral -design
 The Tea Party Company attends Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee & Polk counties
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