Let’s Talk About Etiquette for a Tea Party


Respond to the invitation promptly, indicating whether you will attend or not.
This helps the host plan for the number of guests and prepare accordingly.
Arrive on time for the tea party.
Being punctual shows respect for the host’s efforts and allows the event to run smoothly.
Dress appropriately according to any dress code specified on the invitation.

If there is no dress code mentioned, opt for smart-casual or semi-formal attire. ( here you can check my previous post about what to wear to a tea party )
It’s a thoughtful gesture to bring a small gift for the host, such as a box of tea, a bouquet of flowers, or a handwritten note of appreciation.
Upon arrival, greet the host with warmth and thank them for the invitation.
Unless there’s a specific reason to have your phone out (e.g., for photos), it’s best to silence or turn off your phone during the tea party to avoid distractions.
Wait for the host to indicate where you should sit. Typically, they will guide guests to their seats. Also, wait for everyone to be seated before starting to eat or drink.
Use proper table manners when handling utensils and taking food from the serving stands.Don’t reach across the table; ask for items to be passed if needed.
Place your napkin on your lap when seated.
Wait for the host to pour the tea for you before adding milk, sugar or cream
Hold the teacup properly with the handle between your thumb and index finger.
Stir the tea gently and quietly in a circular motion without clinking the spoon against the cup.
Sip the tea quietly without slurping.
When using milk, add it to the cup after pouring the tea, not before.
Don’t extend your pinky finger while holding the teacup; it’s not necessary.
Encourage polite and engaging conversation. Avoid controversial topics and maintain a positive atmosphere.
Thanking the Host: Guests should thank the host at the end of the party and send a follow-up thank-you note afterward.
Remember, the main goal is to enjoy the tea party and the company of others. By following these guidelines, you will be following the propper etiquette for a lovely tea party

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